New Evidence-Based Decisions in Surgery modules showcased at Clinical Congress

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education is showcasing new and updated modules of Evidence-Based Decisions in Surgery (EBDS) at Clinical Congress. Now featuring more than 60 modules, EBDS continues to expand.

New this year is the collaboration between EBDS and Patient Education. Each EBDS module has a section labeled “Suggested Talking Points for Patient Education.” Where applicable, links will now be included in the modules that will lead the user directly to the patient education material that supports the particular topic. For example, the EBDS module for Hemodialysis Access has a link in the Patient Education section of the Central Line Home Skills Kit. The homepage for the Central Line Skill Kit provides a host of information, ranging from a welcome video to a Central Line Home Skills booklet to an evaluation.

At present, 13 EBDS modules have links to patient education material from the ACS. As more modules and patient education materials are developed, more comprehensive offerings will be available to surgeon members. The modules are available electronically on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers and may be used for decision support and patient-focused interactions with other health care professionals.

To learn more and to view the modules, visit the Education booth in ACS Central located in the San Diego Convention Center, Exhibit Hall.