Daily schedule-at-a-glance — Saturday, October 23

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress provides cutting-edge educational opportunities for surgeons, medical students, surgical residents, and other members of the operating room team. The Scientific Program for Saturday, October 23, includes the following. All times listed are Central Time.

9:00 am

  • SF111: Bariatric/Foregut I
  • SF112: Breast I
  • SF113: General Surgery I
  • SF114: Health Services Research I
  • SF115: Trauma/Burn/Critical Care I
  • MS116: Medical Student Program
  • DC117: Global Health Competencies for Surgeons: Cognitive and System Skills

10:00 am

  • SF121: Bariatric/Foregut II
  • SF122: Breast II
  • SF123: General Surgery II
  • SF124: Pediatric Surgery I: Basic Science
  • SF125: Trauma/Burn/Critical Care II

11:00 am

  • SF131: Cardiac Surgery
  • SF132: Geriatric and Palliative Care
  • SF133: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas I
  • SF134: Pediatric Surgery II: Clinical Outcomes
  • SF135: Transplantation and Tissue Engineering I
  • SC137: Advanced Skills Training for Rural Surgeons: Anti-Reflux Surgical Techniques, Foregut Endoscopy, Ambulatory pH Monitoring, and High Resolution Manometry (Didactic Only)

12:00 noon

  • SF141: Colon and Rectal Surgery I
  • SF142: Global Surgery and Humanitarian Outreach I
  • SF143: Hepatobiliary and Pancreas II
  • SF144: Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery I
  • SF145: Transplantation and Tissue Engineering II
  • PS146: Resident Autonomy: The Next Frontier of Surgical Education

1:00 pm

  • SF151: Colon and Rectal Surgery II
  • SF152: Global Surgery and Humanitarian Outreach II
  • SF153: Obstetrics/Gynecology – Surgical Outcomes, Complication Prevention, Preps and Pills
  • SF154: Surgical Education I
  • SF155: Thoracic Surgery I
  • PS156: Identifying and Addressing Inequities in Surgery Residency Training
  • SC157: Advanced Robotic Surgery for Complex Abdominal Cancers (Didactic Only)

2:00 pm

  • SF161: Endocrine Surgery
  • SF162: Health Services Research II
  • SF163: Surgical Education II
  • SF164: Thoracic Surgery II
  • SF165: Trauma/Burn/Critical Care III
  • PS166: Getting Involved with ACS: Why and How

3:00 pm

  • SF171: General Surgery III
  • SF172: Military
  • SF173: Surgical Oncology I
  • SF174: Trauma/Burn/Critical Care IV
  • SF175: Vascular Surgery I
  • SC177: Regional Anesthesia Techniques: Abdominal Wall and Pectoral Blocks for the Practicing General Surgeon (Didactic Only)

4:00 pm

  • SF181: Ethics
  • SF182: General Surgery IV
  • SF183: Surgical Oncology II
  • SF184: Trauma/Burn/Critical Care V
  • SF185: Vascular Surgery II

Clinical Congress sessions are available to registered attendees for on-demand viewing for a full year on the virtual meeting platform.