Posters Look Back at History of Surgery

Posters Look Back at History of Surgery

The History of Surgery Posters will trace centuries of surgical innovation, from ancient China to modern day, helping Clinical Congress 2022 attendees gain a better understanding of how healthcare of the past informs current practice.

Twenty posters covering the evolution of procedures, pioneering women in surgery, social movements and their impact on surgical practice, and more will be available for viewing 9:00 am–4:30 pm through Wednesday in the Exhibit Hall near ACS Central.

While the scientific sessions of Clinical Congress emphasize current practice and technology, and the future of surgery, this informative exhibit highlights some of the pivotal moments and key figures that paved the way for surgery as we know it today.

All of the posters in the display, coordinated by the ACS History and Archives Committee, are submissions accepted for the History of Surgery Poster Competition. First- and second-place winners of the competition will be announced during the History of Surgery Community Breakfast, 7:00–8:30 am this morning in Room 6CF. Registration is not required to attend.

History of Surgery Posters include:

  • Brazen In Brazoria, Texas: Dr. Sofie Herzog and Her Bullet Necklace
  • Gravedigging of Deceased Black Patients for Use in Surgical Dissection
  • The Ambivalent History of Surgeons and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Epidemic
  • Emotional Evolution in Surgery from the 19th Century to the Modern Era
  • The Evolution of Ethical Dilemmas in Global Surgery—The Transition from Mission Trips to Capacity Building and the Challenges of Autonomy, Itinerant Surgery, and Neocolonialism
  • Physicians as Political Trailblazers: Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • James Barry’s Secret: The Story of a Courageous Women
  • Hua Tuo: Medical Pioneer and China’s First Surgeon
  • A Resolution Leading to a Revolution—Life of Dr. Zora JanžEkovič
  • Below-freezing Temperatures in Minnesota Gave Birth to a Technique that Started a New Era in Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery in Antiquity: The Arteriotomy and Surgical Techniques of 2nd Century Physicians
  • Knitting the History of Surgery Together One Thread at a Time
  • Herbert Milton: The Man Who Paved the Road to the Mediastinum
  • Beyond Medicine: Eloisa Diaz, The First Woman Surgeon Graduate in Latin America
  • Sir Harold Ridley, A Royal Airforce Pilot and The Birth of Bioengineering and Surgical Device Implantation
  • “Soup Bone” Cranioplasties to Varicose Veins—William Wayne Babcock, A Head to Toe Surgeon
  • Olga Jonasson, MD, FACS, The First Woman in The United States io Chair an Academic Department of Surgery (1934-2006)
  • Evolution of Caesarean Section: From Post-mortem to a Life-saving and Popularized Procedure in the 21st Century
  • Burn Surgery and the Discovery of Tangential Excision for the Treatment of Partial and Full Thickness Burns
  • History and New Horizons in the Management of Cloaca: The Convergence of Cloaca and Differences of Sex Development (DSD)

The History of Surgery Posters also are available for viewing on the online meeting platform by virtual attendees or on viewing stations in Room 6A by on-site attendees at the San Diego Convention Center. A collection of more than three dozen separate History of Surgery e-Posters also are accessible online or via on-site kiosks.       

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