Trauma Education updates programming for 2020

This has certainly been a challenging year, but the Trauma Education team and its surgeon leaders have worked hard to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. The faculty and students in the Trauma Education courses have demonstrated an impressive amount of flexibility, tenacity, and dedication. Despite the unusual circumstances of 2020, there have been several exciting developments in Trauma Education.

Advanced Surgical Skills for Exposure in Trauma (ASSET)—The eagerly anticipated second edition of the ASSET course launches in fall 2020. In addition to revised and updated content, the expanded ASSET curriculum features new add-on topics such as ophthalmology, obstetrics, and amputations. Both one- and two-day ASSET course options will be available. For inquiries about the new course, please contact [email protected].

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)—There are several developments to report in ATLS. The new ATLS course management system launched in April. ATLS faculty can now access their ATLS card, personal histories, and ATLS curricular materials, and complete course disclosures online. ATLS student course participants have access to the Mobile Advanced Trauma Life Support (mATLS) modules and a transcript of courses from the launch of the new system going forward. For questions about the course management system, please contact [email protected].

Mobile Advanced Trauma Life Support (mATLS)—The revised and updated mATLS modules are now available for purchase and CME credit independent of participation in an ATLS course. mATLS includes more than 19 hours of educational trauma content in areas such as shock, head trauma, and musculoskelatal trauma. Completion of the modules does not provide official ATLS verification status/credentials. To learn more, and to enroll in the modules, please visit the ACS Education and Training page or contact [email protected].

Coming soon—The Trauma Education team is gearing up for another great year ahead. In the coming year, watch for the release of the third edition of the Advanced Trauma Operative Management (ATOM) course and a fourth edition of the Trauma Evaluation and Management (TEAM) course for medical students.