New ACS Patient Education Toolkit available

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Patient Education program has created a new resource that patients can access to find educational resources through their providers’ websites. The program is called the “Toolkit” and will enable surgeons and the entire health care team to text, e-mail, or print materials for their patients at any point of care.

The Toolkit will provide value to ACS Members, including surgeons in rural settings, as an easy and effective means to educate their patients at a low cost. The Toolkit will create a digital channel for the distribution of patient education resources; and an “Information Prescription” function that enables members to quickly select specific topics relevant to a patient and deliver them in a single message via text or e-mail. It also will enable ACS Members to personalize the service and use it to publish their own educational content.

The Toolkit includes patient education content in the following five surgical specialties:

  • General surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Vascular surgery

More than 200 resources from the ACS and other esteemed sources are available to help patients prepare for their procedures and better manage their care from home. Many titles are available in Spanish. Additional patient education materials available from federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (Cancer, Digestive, Heart, Blood and Lung, and more), are part of this comprehensive program.

You control the content displayed on your Toolkit. You will be able to manage your account at:

Options for customization:

  • Add or delete content from your Toolkit
  • Publish your own content
  • Add your own “Tips & Wisdom”
  • Supplement the content with key points you’d like to share with patients. These “Tips” appear on your Toolkit and Professional Profile.
  • Use “Search” to explore topics
  • Print pages with your name displayed on top

Highlight your surgical expertise and increase your visibility online by creating a robust profile. Patients can be alerted about the Toolkit when they make their appointments or check-in and during telehealth visits.

Display posters can be downloaded to add to your waiting room/exam rooms to direct patients to your recommended resources. You can include links to your Toolkit on printed materials, such as appointment reminder cards and brochures. You can share your Toolkit URL with staff and have them explore these trusted resources for health information.

Studies show that patients prefer to receive their health care information from the person they trust the most—their own surgeon. You may customize your Toolkit further by uploading your photo, selecting your subspecialties, adding the procedures you perform, and including your professional affiliations.

To introduce the Toolkit, the ACS is offering a 60-day free trial. At the end of the trial, you will be able to easily convert to an annual 12-month subscription to allow your patients uninterrupted access to all the materials. Watch for the 60-day free trial of The ACS Patient Education Toolkit coming soon.