SESAP® 17 Advanced offers in-depth educational content for practicing surgeons

The inaugural edition of SESAP® 17 Advanced is available and offers in-depth content that addresses complex and evolving topics. Developed by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Division of Education, SESAP 17 Advanced provides educational content for surgeons interested in more specialized and nuanced information. SESAP 17 Advanced is composed of 243 newly constructed, multiple-choice, case-based questions, across five modules—abdomen and alimentary tract, breast, endocrine, surgical critical care, and trauma. Each module explores topics more deeply than the corresponding category or categories of SESAP 17 and addresses emerging and complex topics that may have been beyond the scope of the more general SESAP 17 content.

Subscribers to the Surgical Education and Self-Assessment Program (SESAP®) have been the catalyst for the creation of advanced modules. Practicing surgeons have expressed an interest in more advanced content in their area of specialization or interest, without sacrificing the breadth of general educational content provided by the traditional SESAP.

SESAP 17 Advanced is an outstanding educational program that is aimed at promoting expertise in five critical domains in general surgery. The program has been especially designed to address complex and evolving concepts to promote lifelong excellence in surgery,” said Ajit K. Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC, FSACME, MAMSE, Director, Division of Education.

SESAP 17 Advanced was written by 21 expert practicing surgeons by employing a rigorous, multistep process of question development and peer review. “Our goal was to focus on special concerns, problems, or controversies in the development of these questions,” explained John A. Weigelt, MD, DVM, FACS, MAMSE, SESAP 17 Advanced Program Director. Participants will find the format familiar, with each question followed by a critique addressing each correct and incorrect answer option. However, Advanced critiques explore problems in more depth and provide additional references.

SESAP 17 Advanced harnesses the same technology as SESAP 17 to further enhance the educational and clinical relevance of the programs. Self-directed learning allows participants to move among multiple categories and modules without completing all the items, and content can be highlighted and saved with personal notes for future reference. Targeted search functionality provides focused, relevant results across both SESAP 17 Advanced and SESAP 17. SESAP 17 Advanced modules are solely online and have corresponding prerequisite categories in SESAP 17. For example, the surgical critical care category of SESAP 17 is required to purchase the surgical critical care module of SESAP 17 Advanced, although the category and module may be completed in any order.

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