Residents and surgical educators invited to explore the Mastery in General Surgery Program

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) Mastery in General Surgery Program offers graduating residents a unique experience following their formal training—a professional development opportunity that is tailored to their individual career interests. The Mastery Program will host an informal Meet and Greet 11:30 am−12:30 pm Tuesday in the Education area of ACS Central, Moscone Center South, Halls ABC. Program participants will be available to answer questions and speak with anyone interested in the Mastery Program. Residents evaluating their various career options following residency and surgical educators are encouraged to attend. Program Chiefs will be on hand to discuss opportunities.

The Mastery Program offers Junior Associates an environment of increasing autonomy throughout the year and provides opportunities to build expertise in general surgery based on their specific career goals, learn the business-related aspects of surgical practice, and gain practical experience to launch their careers. For residents interested in entering general surgery practice, the Mastery Program serves as one possible career pathway following residency training.

Stop by ACS Central or the Division of Education Satellite Booth in the Moscone Center South Lobby to learn more about this unique program, or visit the program’s webpage at